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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I got nothing this morning to talk about so I'll ramble until something comes up. It's Tuesday which is normally a day I WFH but work is packed right now and I just don't get as much done at home as I do in the office. The laptop isn't comfortable enough nor is it the most powerful thing in the world. Plus I'm in a spot right now where I need to interface with people so off I go to the fattening pen.

Cycle 45

Victim: Summit, white, man, 30-39, not fat, regular, married. Not much to see here, average looking guy dressed to work in the city. Reads his paper and listens to his music. More or less ok but his shirt constantly rubs against my arm.

Assessment: not good. I forget what my options are.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Post by Jake

I'm going to let Jake have this post. Since he hammered out this lengthy comment it only seems fair:


thanks buddy, stuck tesla in my head, i appreciate that. as an advertising professional, i have used the word "signage" no less that 10,000 times in my life. i must admit, however, the oddness of the word never struck me as an advertising professional, and having been in this vain industry for my entire career, i can tell you how it probably evolved from "signs" to "signage". i'll set the stage:

lunch. tuesday, sometime in the early to late 80's, but after the great tabacco fall out. madison ave's hayday. a group of ad guys are sitting around some over-priced steak joint on a "business lunch" drinking martini's and various other see-though beverages.

ad guy 1: jim, we have to increase sales in the area, but how? the game program revenue is out-pacing the sign revenue. what can we do? (takes sip of drink)

ad guy 2: well burt, i've been thinking (takes pull of marlboro followed by slug of beverage), we need to make these signs sound, more, i don't know...important?

ad guy 3: (already drunk) yeah! more important. like super signs!

ad guy 1: no, no. super signs isn't good. something with more 'pop'. excuse me, waiter, another martini please?

ad guy 4: (as he's chewing on his shrimp) what about signAGE?

ad guy 1: signage? what the hell is that?

ad guy 4: did i say that?

ad guy 2: yeah, you did, what the hell is that? hey, where's that waiter?

ad guy 3: wait, he may have something there...

and so it goes. ad people coming up with new ways to polish a turd to sell to advertisers at a premium.


For the sake of completeness, let me fill in the remainder of this conversation.

Ad guy 1: do you guys like anal?

Ad guys 2-4: Hells YES!


Cycle 44

Again, the number could be off. It doesn't really matter at this point so much anyway.

Victim: Some kid, 19-29, male, New Providence, not fat, not married, not regular. Just sits there with his eyes closed. Nothing of note.

Assessment: Good

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