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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Football, Football, Football, Football, and Football

Hello football season!


"Christ, that sounds like a lot of work."

You're talking to a guy who spends 3 hours a day on a train, so 1 magazine and 2 days and I know all I need to know to get it done. Maintaining the team through the season is easy. You just put the guys in who score the most points. Never let anyone tell you that a lot of it is anything but luck.


Larry Johnson? Wasn't he "Grammama" in those Reebok ads? What's he doing playing football twenty years later?

Word!!!! I've been making that joke for years now and freaking nobody seems to either get it or acknowledge it. I love you man!

Team #1: More Cowbell

So the football season kicked off in my world with my draft last week. I got this draft because of Facebook, when I found an old high school friend and she asked if I was interested. Well it turns out that a whole bunch of my old high school buddies have a league and there's an opening this year. Basically it was a bunch of guys who get together and talk absolute trash. Well actually that was me and 2 other guys.

Here is my starting roster on team #1:

QB: Marc Bulger
RB: Larry Johnson
RB: Joseph Addai
Flex: Laurence Maroney
WR: Andre Johnson
WR: Roy Williams
TE: Kellen Winslow
DEF: Chargers
K: Gostkowski

Bench: Aaron Rogers, Kevin Smith, Marvin Harrison, Donald Driver, Pats Def, LJ Smith, Javon Walker.

Team #2: Token Bike Guy

This is a Facebook league that some of the Rutgers guys put together. This was all autodraft. I did virtually no pre-ranking.

QB: Roethlisburger
RB: A Peterson
RB: Maroney
WR: Colston
WR: C Johnson
TE: Heap
K: Kaeding
DEF: Dallas


Watched the game Monday and Rutgers pretty much got all beat up. So it goes. Look for a 6-6 season out of them, 7-5 at best.

Team #3: Oblivious Jealous Bitches

The winner of the league gets the right to name the team. That's what I got. This was a real draft and I can say I obviously prefer the real thing than the computer thing.

QB: Derek Anderson
WR: Braylon Edwards
TE: Todd Heap
FX: Larry Johnson
FX: Kevin Smith
FX: Anquan Bolden
K: Gostkowski
DEF: Chargers

Full team here.


Lou is coming over tonight to hang out and we're going to watch the game. I'm on-call so you know there will be a call at some point. Oh well, so it goes.

Enjoy the season!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slim Pickings

I'm working from home all week so the blog components will be a bit scarce until I'm back on the train. Today was my first day of support and I got 2 calls out of 4 installs, which is a pretty bad rate. That doesn't bode well for Friday where we have about 25 installs.

We had the big fantasy draft tonight and it started at 8:00. It was impossible for me to say what time would be best but Terren decided to go with 8:00 instead of 8:30 and it was for the best. As the last guy was making his pick in the last round, I got an email about a support problem. If we had started at 8:30 it would have been lights out for me. Thankfully it worked out.

I had the first pick and took LT. I think I have a pretty solid team but I always think that. There are question marks up and down the NFL these days so fantasy is tougher than ever. A lot of my fantasy mojo this year rests on Larry Johnson coming back healthy, which is always iffy. I have him in the 2 imprtant leagues - the Facebook league doesn't count for squat really.

I couldn't name half the guys on my team right now. Just drawing a blank. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in and enjoying the morning a little. Tomorrow night will be more hectic than tonight was. I hate to admit it but I like the on-call stuff. It's different, which is always good.

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