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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Vacation, Day 0

This is, or is this, a test?

I slid down the dinosaur's back at approximately 3:45. Outside the streets had been transformed into a bit of a war zone - barricades up & down the street, police everywhere, 99% protesters everywhere. The weather is nice. Have you ever noticed that the 99% only have newsworthy complaints when it's warm out? There's no indication that it's a nice day like hearing the drums beating out on the street from my veal-fattening pen up on the 17th floor. It's strange how the world is just & right when it's cold or rainy, but worthy of such angst when the sun comes out and the streets warm up.

Nothing eventful from there. With approximately 1 cop per human in the area, nothing ever really happens. This is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I just want to go home. You can protest me or my job all you like. But we're really all just the same. 

On the Path I'm sitting down next to some generic woman and 1 of the extreme-looking protesters comes in the car and stands in the corner. He looks sorta like an angsty kid who got into a fight with a bunch of crayons, some random stickers, and a tape gun. He's got only his eyes showing, and has a gas mask strapped onto his jacket. I laugh inside, and also think that if this is going to be the end of days, it's really comically tragic that it would be this kid to do it. I figure though that he, like me, just wants to go home and eat because he's hungry.

The woman next to me can't take it. She gets up and goes to another car. The 99% guy springs into action. I figure he's going to hound her, but instead he sits next to me. He politely apologizes as he sits down. I laugh.

"You know she ran away from you, right?"

I ask this of him, and he says yes, he knows. He then kinda goes into a random monologue to which I occasionally put a word or 2 in. He tells me the gas masks are cheap on eBay. Everyone in Israel owns one. He pulls down the black cloth covering his face, and I am struck by how enormous his gums are when he talks. I wonder if this is it, why he's here at all. Physically he looks different. I wonder if he was made fun of in school, and was always an outcast. Now he tapes stickers on his black leather jacket and hangs gas masks from his body. 

They say the revolution will not be televised. What nonsense. Of course it will. How else can you explain why they only protest when it's nice out? It's all a show. Rush had it right when they said that all the world is a stage. Shakespeare stole the line from them. Few people know this. 

The remainder of my commute is of no interest. I listen to Spotify, while the 99% kid plays Angry Birds. Are we really any different?

At home I kicked off my vacation by cleaning the freezer. It's gonna be a hella good time if this keeps up. 



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