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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My wife tells me I'm slacking on my blog. And I am, it's true. Ever since I started the training blog on the MTBNJ site it's been really quiet on this side. I thought I would keep this side up, just not as much as before. I only write to that blog when I'm on the bike, which is a mere 4 days a week right now, 2 of which are on the weekend. So I'm a little surprised this one has fallen off so much.

But this one lives on, I assure you. The title of the training blog is Seven More Weeks and it chronicles my bike endeavors for the last 7 weeks of the season. Things have gone well, with my last 2 races seeing a 7th and 16th place finish. But this is the last week and that blog will come to an end in a mere 3 more rides.

So where does that leave my blogging? Not sure. It's a sure sign that things are slow when you blog about your blogging. I've seen other people do it but they usually offer apologies. I'm not doing that. I'll merely think out loud here. The race season is all about done and quite frankly I'm not sure the training blog is of any value. I see people read it but some people read everything on the board. So I'm unsure what I'll be doing on that front going forward.

The intention was the remove some of the biking from this site and put it over there and leave my other random thoughts here. But the reality is that very few people care about strict training and thus it sits. Plus, I don't have many random thoughts when I'm just sitting there. So I think I failed in my endeavor because I end up with straight training talk and less rambling and the fact of the matter is that I'm more entertaining when I ramble. Who isn't?

More than likely I'll go back to just posting my daily crap here and race reports and stuff there, as it probably should be.

Anyway, what's going on now? The season is ending and I'm looking forward to having a few beers Sunday night. My weekly low weight has flat-lined at 185 and I'm back to yo-yo weight fluctuations on the weekend, today a spike to 188. I think my eating habits are slipping on the weekend which is odd because they're getting good during the week. I've all but stopped counting calories during the week because I have my groove set now. I know where my problems lie so writing them down isn't going to help me address them so much. Maybe I need to revert to tracking food on the weekends again so I stop spiking every Monday.

That's it. I'm not MIA just a bit tired. Looking for the season to be done because I'd just like to ride for fun a bit here and there. Winter is coming. I'm building my bike finally. I need to drop pounds. Same shit as 2 months ago just it's colder out now. And raining today.

So there are a few comments I've never gotten around to showing. It's not that I forgot I just haven't blogged much lately.


"I've been reading your blog hear and on MTBNJ. While I have had nothing of substance to add to them, I just wanted to let you know, I still care."

Thanks Steve it's good to hear. At the end of the day the aspiring blog writer always likes to know he has an audience and that they care. This is what is missing from the other blog, the sense of interpersonal conversation you don't get on a message board.


"I just wanted to let you know, I am in the same boat as shaggz"

Wow, great to hear another of my readers is, well, reading, listening, caring. And it's good to know that you guys share a boat. All too often these days people have to have their own boats, Hummer boats, that get terrible gas mileage. Good to see some people still boatpool.


"Walter, the SS Hope?"



"Awesome race report Norm, detailed and exciting. Brought me right into the fold. Great job in the race itself too, your best finish to date! I think H2H will suit your style in '08, and you should podium for sure. Hope all is well with you and the family. Take care man."

George! Hey good to hear from you. Looks like I wasn't able to bring home any sterling performances until after I stopped crushing edges. Oh well, so it goes. I am propelled temporarily by the pink jersey so that will have to be my inspiration for yet one more race. I'd love to podium and send the pic to the fatcyclist author but I'm not fast enough. Desire only goes so far. Maybe next year.

I think that's about all I have for now. Keep eating your Wheaties or whatever breakfast cereal Michael Jordan endorses.



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