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Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Odds and Ends

Wow Monday and I am kerplunk! At about 1:00 last night I gave up the idea of sleeping in our bed and went upstairs to get some real shuteye. The Doodle is teething again which means she wakes up screaming at random intervals.

So after 1:00 I slept like a log. I think I was so out of it when my alarm went off I never woke up. Ate like a hog today also. Food is good food.


Had 2 good rides this weekend, one at the overridden Lewis Morris Loop Your Brains out and then the Mud Pit of Chimney Rock. Woody joined me Sunday for the mud pits and man was I on fire. For some reason I'm stronger on the back end of consecutive days. It may also have been because of the first ride at a real mountain biking park in a while. Most of this spring has been the Lewis Morris Downs so it was sweet to get some real riding in.


Also put new Specialized Resolution Sport tires on the bike and damn do they hook up well. Beats the snot out of the Panaracer Cinders. Probably also has something to do with my strong ride yesterday.


Must have gone over the bars or sideways 3 times at least yesterday. Left forearm took a ding but the big annoyance today is my right knee which whacked the stem at some point. Actually it wasn't some point it was when Woody and I were contemplating how to ride over a 3 foot tall half-downed tree. Swelled up pretty good overnight which has me limping up the stairs today.


Found a bearing site online and got a bag of 100 coming so I can properly rebuild the rear hub of my road bike. The bike shop said they would order me a set of 18 for like $10. What a joke because I found 100 chromium balls for $6. I could have gone with the $2 carbon balls but for $4 more why not get top of the line? I just hope the races aren't all pitted out because I don't want to buy new wheels.

Yeah I know new hubs does not equal new wheels but how much cheaper will it be if I buy a new hub, new spokes, then have someone build it? I could try to build it myself but I don't have the odds and ends to fart around with it. By odds and ends I mean another wheel. Actually I do but it's a tad bent. Regardless I can't afford to lose the road bike for a week if I junk something up. Maybe after the 5/20 race I'll try to make those old Rolf wheels usable while I fix up the current ones properly. It's about time to start building my own anyway.


No idea what this week brings but my Bike O Centric world is getting a little disturbed because Boss Man wants me to stick around til 4:30 every day this week and I have classes at work this week which might keep me there until 5:00. Blah and double blah especially since the stupid classes begin at 9:00 which means I can't roll in at "about" 9:00 which also means I have to
wake up even more early than I normally do. Looks like I might be sleeping on the futon all week. At least I'll be wel rested.

On top of that I have to watch the Doodle for a 10:10 dentist appointment my wife has Saturday so that cuts into my Saturday morning ride or forces me to get up and out the door by 5:30. Then Sunday is Mother's Day which means I'll be limited that morning and then we'll have to entertain my parents and on and on it goes. Can't the world see I have a race to do in 13 days?

I guess I should register for that. Oh and I probably should reorder more Heed since I'm almost out.


So there are my random thoughts as I roll home on this train. I leave off with a quote from a guy who rode the 12 Hours of Lodi Fams this weekend:

"If the whole of our lives is a collection of our experiences then these are the kinds of experiences I want from my mountain bike racing." -fatmarc

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