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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Easing Into It

Today is Thursday and the first of my 2 days off the bike before I get a warm up day on Saturday and then my first event ride Sunday. It's not really an event because it's a charity ride but I'm using it as a race prep and I paid $15 for it so in the record books this goes down as event #1.

Before today I rode 8 of the past 9 days, with a double session thrown in there on Sunday to makeup for the lack of a long ride last weekend. The Doodle's birthday and the rain knocked out those plans. So 9 rides in 9 days, then 2 days off, then a primer ride before Sunday should have me cresting into the event in decent form. It's nowhere near a real peak. I'm just trying to align the stress and rest days, combined with a mini carb load Saturday to see how it all comes together. The other added bit is the precise breakfast foods/amounts to see what works.

The ride is a 50 mile road loop out of Gladstone called the Hills of Attrition which has 5500 feet or so of climbing. This is about half the distance and vertical of the Hillier Than Thou ride I hope to do later this year. My goal for Sunday is a 16.0 average which comes in at just over 3 hours. Realistically this is probably too aggressive, especially since half the course is unknown to me at this point.

It works out well because with the absurd rain amounts we got the trails are all going to be muddy this weekend. I'm sure that won't stop the people who don't care, but I'm going to stay on the pavement for one more week before trying to bang out some real volume on the trails.

So I feel tired today, in need of rest. I've been starving the last 24 hours or so and I expect today to be more of the same. Tomorrow should be a bit better but I expect this is a needed 2 day off block. I didn't blow myself up much in there so I'm not struggling right now. Still, it was nice to sleep in today.



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