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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chain Stretcher

Another tough race this weekend. Recap here:

Training blog link here:

Hit 186 over the weekend but 187 again today. I remain fairly confident that I will start to slide again but I'm concerned my body is going into shutdown/survival mode at times which would be a very bad thing. I've found it really easy to eat sparsely and it may be too much of a shock to the system. I need to keep a more consistent calorie intake I suppose. My wife thinks I'm eating too little. She may be right.

I probably need to choose either weight loss or racing for the next 5 weeks. It's really hard to do both. At the same time life is like a vice and it's hard to get enough sleep between biking, child, and work.

I'm still totally exhausted today. I've never had my legs be sore 2 days after a race like this. Work woke me up again at 1:00 last night and I'm about to flip my wig with these people. They called 6 times Saturday night. Fucking assholes. Just totally fucking clueless dick bags.

It's just time to find a new job. Anyone looking for a Java programmer who also writes a lot of scripts and does project management on the side, drop me a note.


"'Peace Is Every Step' is a good place to start with TNH. He has a huge catalog of books, many of which are just transcriptions of talks he's given over the years. -C.G."

I did find some online talks after I posted that day. I'm not sure I totally fit the groove of what he's talking about when he discusses mindful eating. To a point I do but I also needed to step back from food as a total gorge fest, which it was becoming for me I guess. Slowing down has been a great first step.

I'm just going to let this one stand as it is:


"LOL!!! You're killing me with the fat guy jokes Norm! Ok, let me take you back... Episode 5, 1995 - "King-Size Homer" (You'll have to imagine the inflection) Lisa calling down to Homer in the basement: "Dad, what are you doing down there?" Homer yelling back up: "Washing my Fat Guy hat honey" This was the hilarious episode (weren't they all) where Homer discovers that a body weight of over 300lbs is classed as disabling – so he desires to be hyper-obese. Homer then tells Bart the plan, who says he will help him. Lisa, positively objects to the fat plan on health grounds, asking if Homer has asked ‘mom’ The next set of events are well, just hysterical, I could describe each scene, but that would take too long. Instead I shall direct you to this little video clip: Well, that's my humerous contribution to the blog! Nothing else really going on... Work has been really busy, and family stuff, etc. Oh, I took Laura and Sam to a Redbulls game Saturday night, that was fun. Actually attending live soccer, football, baseball, hockey, etc, games is much more exciting and enjoyable than just watching on the 'ol box. Catch up with when get the chance Norm."



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