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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday After

Big ride yesterday, just short of 82 miles in 4:20 and change. Lots of good things going on yesterday but the 2 that stand out are that 1) I didn't break and 2) I quickly learned how to paceline without fucking anything or anybody up. This will help if I want to do some road races next year, which I do.

We were supposed to go out west from my house but before we started Fred locked his keys in his car. So our destination was obvious - Fred's house in Dayton to get the spare. I think Ben dubbed it the Tour De Keys. And so it was.

Good ride, and I would be remiss in not saying how much more enjoyable the long rides are with other people. I don't mind long solo rides but 4+ hours tends to press your brain to the limit.

I'm tired today. My 4 signs are all blaring at me: 1) My legs hurt, 2) I had to scrape myself out of bed, 3) I am +1 pound today which always happens when I overdo it, and 4) my resting heart rate is +11. Not that you need a math professor to tell you this but it was a big ride yesterday.

Almost surely totally off the bike today, unless Julia goes to bed at 6:30 which is possible since she stopped napping a few days ago. Tomorrow back to working from home so another few miles in the pipeline I'm sure.



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