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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Football and Sharks

As usually happens, fantasy football has jumped the shark by week 3. I'm 2-1 in 2 leagues and 1-2 in another. I'm 2-1 in the primary league and my team currently looks pretty solid but I've just lost all interest in football at this point. I knew it would happen so it's no surprise. Just saying it's so, I guess. I'll stay interested so long as my primary team keeps winning. But I didn't even consider watching any games this week.

Rutgers has already jumped the shark, starting out 0-3. Looks like this team may totally fall apart, or maybe this qualifies as already having fallen apart. They play some sort of St. Mary's for the Blind school this weekend so they may get a win but who cares. This past Saturday their game started at 3:30. We went to a farm, then for pizza, then to see the horse, then to get ice cream. They're not worth wasting my day for at this point.

After the race Sunday I'm motivated to ride and race more again. It always happens this way. This is good, because it's not getting warmer out. So these races at the end of the year often serve to motivate me through part of the winter.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

So Now What Happens?

So I think I may have done my last race of the season yesterday. I'm not sure yet. There's one more series race up at Blue Mountain but I don't know if I want to make that trek. I want to race again but I may need to find another outlet closer. The obvious alternative would be CX, aka Cyclocross for those of you non-bike folk. Jay said I could borrow his bike.

Yesterday was great, a 6th place finish to wind out the year. If I go to Blue I think I will struggle to break 10th because it's an unknown. But who knows. This year my results were 7-6-15-7-6. The 15th was a shit race for me. I was a total idiot that day and that week.

Yesterday was a blast, probably the most fun I've had on a bike in a race. Now I'm motivated so I need to keep some race avenue open. This coming weekend is the picnic but the following could be a race. Or it may be vacation. Nat's call at this point but it's pretty obvious she's sick of my biking stuff.

Either way it's time to strap in. Winter is coming so you have to roll with it and stay on the bike. I think I need to come up with a more consistent way to stay on the bike since I'm way too streaky right now. I need to hit the race season firing next year.

Today I'm still tired though. We can start tomorrow.



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