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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Triple

If you read my previous entry (Frog) you'll know I've been endeavoring in a pain project known as block training, or perhaps I should use caps and call it Block Training since it’s worth the proper respect like that. Or maybe I should just get to the point and call it This
Is Pain training. Some people refer to the place I'm in today as the pain cave, or I guess the Pain Cave. Or Hell.

I'm fucking incoherent already and it's only Thursday morning. I just completed the 3rd day in a row of VO2max intervals and quite frankly I could use a shot of bourbon and a nice sofa. But I hate bourbon.

Last week I was struggling to finish 2 days and this week I had little problem banging out 3. I have the tell tale signs letting me know it's now time to take at least 2 days off (read: at least 1 and maybe a soft Saturday), which includes tightness in the neck and shoulders. Not sure why that happened last week but I feel it again this week. Ok, so time for a rest.

Why the hell do I do this? Well winter is almost over and I'm sick of the basement, so this gives me something to fight through. I mean obviously I'm doing it to be a stronger rider. The blocks are supposed to cause you to overcompensate. From a training point of view, you have that benefit. Mentally it's much less mentally taxing to do intervals. Slow and steady tempo riding gets really old through the winter, especially when your VCR breaks.

It also works well for the winter because when you see a bad weather weekend coming you can blow it out through the week then sleep in and enjoy your weekend. For a guy who sometimes gets up at 5-6 on the weekend to get some riding in, that's a nice change now and again. Having said that, it may rain both or neither days this weekend. So I block Tuesday through Thursday to make the weekend less important. If it's nice, then bonus!

So what's my point? Block training hurts but it's good for training and keeping you sane through the winter. Yeah and it hurts.

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