We make holes in teeth!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Error

Every time I go to write a blog post on my blackberry the site says there's an error.

I'm sitting next to a very tall woman on the train. She's reading a book.

We're potentially sliding down a slippery slope with shops advertising on mtbnj. We've had sales posted recently that we took down because they don't advertise with us. I'm torn on this.

It's getting very cold now. I'm considering riding after brunch tomorrow instead os early morning. Not sure I'm up for 21 degrees on the road.

I'm feeling reasonably confident I can see 179 on the scale before January 1. It's a tough time of year and Nat just brought home 4 dozen cookies from her mom's night out cookie exchange last night.

We're at Maplewood and the big woman got up. She's not very attractive. Not that it matters but it's hard to miss.

Nat and Julia are picking me up at Summit so Julia can see the train.

I'm tired. Incredibly, I'm not sick of Clif bars. I wonder what the chances are of me doing 2 3 hour rides this weekend. Slim and none I would guess.



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