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Monday, April 09, 2007

90 Days

Yesterday, Easter, marked 90 straight days without a drink. What's my result? Lowest weight since grade school (saw 183 last week), feel amazing, and fitter than ever by a long shot. I've been training like a mad man (9:20 in the saddle last week) and eating really healthy (yesterday not included) so it's not only a lack of beer. But it all rolls together to get me where I'm at now. Still plenty of work to do before the racing season punches me in the gut, and this coming weekend will do little to help that cause with the Doodle's first birthday party on Saturday and rain forecast for Sunday (down to 40% chance now). I think the idea is to get to 100 days without a drink which means not popping the cap with all the old college buddies this weekend. No big deal since nobody drinks that much anymore. Either way, I'm in good shape right now for the coming season. I'm sure there will be a different summary after the first race in late May. Anyway, I'm officially off the self-imposed 90 day alcohol free period. Let the race season deteriorate as it will.

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