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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Penguin Lesson

This is a post I had in my Drafts folder for who knows how long. This is from last year at some point, I think.


You have this conversation with your daughter after school:

Child: We didn't have the penguin lesson yet

You: What's the penguin lesson?

Child: It's about penguins. Can I have an eraser? Is there one in your office? Do you know why Sammy does not like Lollipops?

You: No, why does Sammy not like Lollipops?

Child: I don't get this. (hands you her homework)

You: So Sammy & the Lollipops?

Child: Because it the fell off the string and and her brother choked on it and there was a dentist in the parking lot and he said, "I'm a dentist can I help?"

You: So does the penguin lesson have anything to do with Lollipops?

Child: No....I'm just telling you that Sammy doesn't like Lollipops.

You: Do you think penguins like Lollipops?

Child: No.


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