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Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

I always wonder what I should name these blog entries so today I'm taking the easy road and going with the Super Bowl theme. I watched half the game and then we left the neighbor's house and went home. I found out this morning who won. Football is that important these days, yes.

To get the obligatory football stuff out of the way first, Tom Brady is ugly. I've seen the watch ads when he stands there and looks pretty and sure, he's a good looking guy. But when that guy opens his mouth to smile, he looks like some sort of Franken-Monster to me. Seriously this guy is supposed to be the culmination of humanity's best looking? I'll take Strahan's honest gap-toothed grin any day.

That's about all I have on the Super Bowl. The only down side of the Giants winning is that we still have to deal with the fucking 1972 Miami Dolphins. Blah. Otherwise, congrats to my buddies who root for the Giants, notably ChrisG. Good for you guys that you get to enjoy the win.

Sore throat this morning. It's another case of Daddy & Daughter Illness week. That means we all sleep like dogshit. Waking up today wasn't bad though, surprisingly. And my 3 sets of 20 weren't either. They felt like they "should", whatever "should" means. I wasn't dreading life midway through the second set which probably means I'm starting to adjust. I got a flat on yesterday's road ride later in the ride which cut short my session from about 2:15 to 1:45. Taking off that extra 30 of tempo probably left a bit of gas in the tank for today. Still, with Saturday's hills and yesterday's hills, the weekend was yet another ratchet up in intensity. I know I'm pressing because after the flat I got caught at a light and when I stopped my right hammy tried to lock up on me. Pushing right at the boundary of what I can handle is where I want to be.

Lots of vertical this weekend as a contrast to the usual flat swamp tempo rides. Back in these Bernardsville hills and these first 2 rides are tough. I'm not just climbing but now connecting the hills with tempo pedaling and sitting up on the downs and pedaling through. I'm out there for a workout, not free speed. So I try and pedal through everything. When I started doing hills more last summer I found my fitness dropped a bit because I think I was soft pedaling between hills and coasting down. Now, all pedal, all the time.

Got my bonus last week so I looks like a 29er race bike is on the short list. At the top is Niner, which means that Team MTBNJ takes a step towards Team Niner. More details to come, I assure you.

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