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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What Happened?

For a while I was posting to this blog on a pretty regular basis. Even after the monster came along, I often found time to sit down and collect my thoughts on trains, idiots, coworkers, etc. I mean from time to time I'm moved to say something about something. What happened that for 3 months I fell off the face of the earth and stopped posting entirely?

I don't know. I'm sitting in my living room with Julia rolling around on the floor. So it's not like "dad duties" keep me from blathering away. I know the summer is light for a lot of people, myself included, in the "blog...o...sphere". I guess this is the term they use for this garbage. It's blog, it's blog, it's big it's heavy it's wood.

But then what happened? Well I guess I went on vacation after my biking season ended and then I just kept rolling, getting in the saddle almost 5 times a week every week. Then work and biking and life takes its toll and you have no time. Until you get sick.

I've been on the bike 1 day in the past week - Wednesday before work - and that was a mistake. It set me back at least 2 days in trying to get over this god-awful cold I have, a cold which has been passed on to my daughter, myself, and now my wife from my parents. We usually play it fast and loose with people who have colds, since we tend to not catch them and if we do they go by fast. Well this bitch has been around 7 days and still pounding.

So I guess it takes me getting sick to have the necessary extra energy to blog more. Perhaps in the next week you'll see more entries. Perhaps not. Ideally this cold breaks today for good, as it's seemed to want to do on and off for 3 days now. If not, maybe I'll be back tomorrow. If so, maybe I'll be on the bike.

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