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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slim Pickings

I'm working from home all week so the blog components will be a bit scarce until I'm back on the train. Today was my first day of support and I got 2 calls out of 4 installs, which is a pretty bad rate. That doesn't bode well for Friday where we have about 25 installs.

We had the big fantasy draft tonight and it started at 8:00. It was impossible for me to say what time would be best but Terren decided to go with 8:00 instead of 8:30 and it was for the best. As the last guy was making his pick in the last round, I got an email about a support problem. If we had started at 8:30 it would have been lights out for me. Thankfully it worked out.

I had the first pick and took LT. I think I have a pretty solid team but I always think that. There are question marks up and down the NFL these days so fantasy is tougher than ever. A lot of my fantasy mojo this year rests on Larry Johnson coming back healthy, which is always iffy. I have him in the 2 imprtant leagues - the Facebook league doesn't count for squat really.

I couldn't name half the guys on my team right now. Just drawing a blank. Tomorrow I'm sleeping in and enjoying the morning a little. Tomorrow night will be more hectic than tonight was. I hate to admit it but I like the on-call stuff. It's different, which is always good.

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  • At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Larry Johnson? Wasn't he "Grammama" in those Reebok ads? What's he doing playing football twenty years later?


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