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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Afternoon Comments


"Well, I smoked a cigar Friday night, while sipping Eagle Rare bourbon on an oceanfront patio in Sea Isle City. First ceegar since a New Years Eve wedding, 96-97. Of course, the wagon is only at my house during the week. I'm intrigued by the team news, seeing as how I'm all out of the loop and whatnot."

As you know by now we had 2 people jump ship in the last day, first Gerilynn and then her boyfriend Mike. Both left on good terms and I had a discussion with Mike on the phone. It all went well and the reality is that they're both young, up-and-coming racers who want to get pretty serious about racing and our team brings blow up dolls to races and nails them to trees. So it goes. I agreed with Mike that it's a better fit for him to jump over to Bulldog so best of luck to them. Life is too short to hold a grudge. The reality is that we may all end up on the same team someday.


"i got snickered in grafton, ma. and will be actively getting on (or off) a wagon as of today. no beers were harmed in the making of this post either."

So it turns out that Jake is addicted to chewing tobacco which he is now giving up. I wish you luck with that because it's a pretty rough thing to be addicted to. I myself never smoked a whole cigarette, and have thrown up after trying both cigars and chewing tobacco. So luckily I never had any of those vices.


"If I remember correctly, I made a complete jackass of myself this weekend. I think its time the wagon to get parked at my house for a spell."

Well I'm not totally done with the concept. But I'm thinking that I like my own advice to Jake. I think I'm going to go on the wheelbarrow, so you can have the wagon. I think I like the idea of a wheelbarrow because there's no gate to it. With the wagon you have to actively open and close the gate. With a wheelbarrow you just lean over the side in temptation and it falls over and dumps you out. I think that works better anyway.

For all intents and purposes I'm in the wheelbarrow again for a few more weeks I think. I may grab another 6 pack of some sort of hoppy IPA before the warm weather ends but I'm ready to kick back with some good solid cold weather stouts and porters right now.



  • At 8:01 AM, Anonymous BFJ said…

    unfortunately for this exercise i need the wagon and its related gate. this is one chapter in my life that i need closed. i've taken the same approach as i did last time i "quit" which is the following: i'm not going to let some plant that is lower on the evolutionary scale than i am get the better of me.

    oh-if you can find the ship yard IPA i highly recommend it. it is very wheelbarrow friendly.


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