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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Comments


"Well, I don't know if your ticket lady is hugely obese but some extremely large folks smell because they don't clean underneath the folds. I believe that was how penicillin was discovered actually."

Hugely, I don't think quite that. She weighs more than me for sure but she's not the kind of person you think of when you see an all-you-can-eat sign. But still, there are plenty of hidden and unwashed places on a woman who is 5-5 and 225 pounds.

Mike aka Darkhorse Cycles

""every time i'm in georgia i eat a peach for peace" duane allman i try to do the same, except in new jersey, or new york, but i do go to georgia every once in a while......oh whatever they are yummy!"

Hells yes peaches rock. I've probably had at least 15 in the last 2 weeks. Love 'em love 'em.


"The entire Vinny response is an absolute gem. LMFAO. However, I do think you're walking a dangerous path taking pics of the people. Although getting caught doing it would certainly add to the data. Cycle 87... got caught taking another picture today and the usual expletives followed. That makes, to date: Expletives 7x, threatened law suit 1x, phone number 2x (both Males), cheesecake pose 1x... Could be interesting data no doubt."

As you've seen by now the experiment is on hold. Before long the train will be stacked with people again and we can resume the observations. On Friday I sat solo which never happens in the morning.

And for you Facebook users, I hope to be immediately uploading the pics from the cell directly!



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