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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Off To See the Wizard

Jumped out of work early today and took the 4:50 out of Penn Station to mee the family and the in-laws up in Morris Plains for dinner. My father-in-law is off to see the wizard tonight, where the wizard in this case is his mother in Taiwan. My mother-in-law will follow him in a few weeks but until then she can enjoy some relative peace before heading off to the chaos of having to tend with Nat's grandmother for 2 or 3 months or however long they stay.

Looks like they will be back for Christmas this year which is slightly less convenient for us, since it's always nice to not have to squeeze in both sides on Christmas day. But whatever, hopefully they enjoy the grandchild opening presents this year, assuming they make it early enough. It's always possible their plans change. Planning is vague at best with them. Also vague at worst. It's just vague, ok?

Nat asked me to talk with her parents more because I never say anything when I'm there. It's true, I admit. They really don't much talk about anything anymore other than how good Taiwan is and how bad China is. Kinda monotonous, you know? But I'm dedicated to talking to the in-laws more. All praise the Chinese gymnasts!

Ok, over/under on how long it takes Nat's mom to complain about China? I bet I can make it happen by 6:15.



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