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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Cup of Coffee

With a title like "a cup of coffee" you might have some instant reaction to what this blog entry is about. You might think it refers to something short-term, as in the way it's used in baseball. Or you may think something else, I can't read your mind, ok? Anyway, it means what it says, a cup of coffee.

Here's the situation. I'm standing on the platform in Summit waiting for the connecting train and it's about 55 or 60 degrees out, in all a beautiful morning. It's a bit chilly, and I'm a hair taxed because I woke up at 5:00 to ride for an hour. But in total I feel good, the day is good, it's all, well, good.

But I see this woman drinking a cup of coffee and I think to myself that a cup of coffee right now would make this picture complete, almost perfect. I'm a bit thirsty because I rushed out of the house early today*. So the idea of any liquid is appealing. Add the chill in the air and the idea of hot liquid is even more so. Throw on the slight tiredness from waking up early and riding and the caffeine boost sounds really enticing.

* They're repaving our street so all of the sudden at 7:20 I look out the window and I think, oh shit, this street is going to be closed really soon. So I gotta get the fuck outta here. I hope Nat doesn't get stuck in the house all day but she may not be able to get out once they start laying tar.

I'm totally cool with the inconvenience of the road work because our street needs to be repaved. Hopefully they will put those paver stones along the edge of the street too and finally our little dead end street will step up into what the rest of the town looks like.

When I get to work I think I'll have a coffee. It won't be the same though because the moment will have passed. But one can always hope.



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