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Monday, September 08, 2008


It is with a tired self that I sit on this train and head back into the city this brisk Monday morning. I think it's accurate to say that I'm not really cut out for working from home. I fall into a rut way too fast. I should have gotten plenty of riding in and still be well rested. Yet somehow last week I rode less than normal and slept less than normal.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post a lot of it has to do with my getting used to being on-call. I need to work less and not be so hyper-proactive trying to make sure it all went well. They'll call me. I also have to make sure I get up early and get my riding in, at least while it's not too cold yet. Plus I drew a crap week so that is what it is.

No worries now. It's Monday morning which brings us to a new week. I'm ready to rock it. This coming weekend is the Jorba bike festival up at Waterloo where I'll be a volunteer. Right now I'm tabbed as a "floater" during setup and a Reserve Rider during the day. That means I help where needed when we setup, then when it's ride time I help lead/sweep/organize any extra rides that may be necessary due to a large turnout.

For now I go back to the box factory though.

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  • At 4:18 AM, Anonymous bonefish said…

    just had some time to catch up on this and can actually add some value to the WFH thing. i've been doing it going on six years now and i have to say that on average i put in WAY more hours than if i did working in an office. the huge difference is zero travel time. having a home office requires you to be disciplined to "just walk away" at some point. if not...well...
    you get what we had here last week.
    which is the way he wants it.
    well, he gets it.

    oh, and in case you haven't noticed w/ the WFH thing, it's dark now at 6A.


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