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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ready for the Offic

Never thought I would say this but I'm so ready to go back to the office tomorrow. I'm not a WFH kinda guy, I just don't do it well. The week started off poorly with me being up until 1:30 then I just stayed up longer and slept later each day.

Like I said to Nat, I used to be able to get up and ride 40 miles and come home in time for the family to wake up. Friday and Saturday they woke me up. It's going to be a stretch waking up at 5:45 tomorrow and getting out the door in time. It's also going to be a shock to Julia when she wakes up and daddy isn't here. Ditto for Nat who will have to get up when Julia does.

On one hand, I played it wrong by staying up too late every night and watching the install logs roll in. This was my first week so I'm still getting my groove on. On top of this, I worked far too many hours during the day then ended up working another 2-4 at night, and thus the cycle goes. I should have let them call or email when something was wrong. Instead I was overly proactive, to my own detriment.

Next time I should have a better groove down but this was a good learning experience. One thing that kinda sucked was that I missed the race today because of this. I just so happened to get the weekend when there was a huge rollout that everyone was hoping would go out when someone else was on-call. Well I got it, so I was on a conference call most of yesterday morning and tied to the house all of yesterday.

As of this morning they weren't sure it was going to stick, and a rollback is the absolute nightmare scenario. So I was still on the clock as of this morning, and couldn't make the race today. No big deal I guess, life goes on.

I ended up on the road today, and got 4 flats. This on top of 2 Friday and 1 Thursday. I have a tire/tube problem of some sort right now. More on that tomorrow.

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