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Friday, June 20, 2008

Old Men

Post work Wednesday. Sometimes I hate this fucking game.

Cycle 26

Victim: Father Time, or a close relative. Male, 50+, white, not fat, married, regular, Summit. I know this douche face from past trips. He's about as obnoxious as it gets. Loud, on the phone, disrespects your space. Again, this is one of those days when I question why I do this.

Why are all the really bad riders men?

He starts out by making 6 phone calls before we leave the station. Then he's constantly going in and out of his pockets, jamming his elbow into me. Tries making jokes with the conductor, but one of them is such a Luddite that they stare blankly at each other. Keeps talking to the woman in the in front of us. He makes more calls then reads a paper, constantly violating my space.

Assessment: Bad.

You know, this work from home stuff is great. Spent a good amount of time brushing up on my php skills this week which is cool because it gets me back into coding something, anything. At first I was rusty as shit but it all comes back soon enough.

Cycle 27

Feeling good this morning. I took a less aggressive seat today just to shake things up a little. Still in the middle of the train but also middle of the car which changes things a little. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people on the train today so Summit is likely.

Victim: After the train pulled out of Summit I got snagged. It was almost nobody. Summit, man, white, 50+, not fat, not regular, married. He pulls out an electronics device which looks to have Chinese characters on it. Then he pulls out a book and I see it's Japanese. Generally quiet and all he does is read but he has a jacket on and the sleeve rubs my arm which makes me either constantly itch or have to remove my arm.

Slowly his minor space violations turn into medium space violations as first his foot - his foot? - slides over and violates my shoe space. What the hell is that? Then his leg. I wonder if this guy is gay. He fits the profile but then who doesn't anymore? I can't imagine anyone would target me for something like this. Guess I shouldn't have worn my Village People t-shirt today.

As we enter the tunnel he gets up and walks to the door, thankfully. As he gets up I can verify that he smells like some recluse older people smell, with a hint of moth balls.

Assessment: Bad, a little creepy. Chalk another one up to "why am I doing this again?"



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