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Friday, June 06, 2008

Hair Twirling

Not really a whole lot going on here today. It's Friday and the week is ending. I laid out my last bunch of riding days and yesterday just added to that tally. 35 miles in the hills with an 18.6 average. Really firing up a good pace these days. I started to lose it a bit at the end but I attribute that to the 4th balls-out workout in 5 days. Today I rest. Woke up at 192 today. The defragmentation is working so far. My eating habits were fucked after vacation, plain and simple.
The weekend is my trying to find 4-5 hours to ride in between 3 different social events. Life. Saturday should be cool but there will be beer, and that's not what I need if I want to hit 189 before the Stewart race. Beer.

Steve said, "i made you laugh? i'm glad i was able to contribute to your experiment. still-too-lazy-to-log-on-steve." I was reading my PMs and something you said to Mike (from the team) about the photographer made me laugh.

After the race Chris commented that, "I'm pretty sure I rode as hard at times on Thursday as I did during the race. You put in good rides both days, Norm." Both days were really good rides for me, no doubt. Plus yesterday and that's like 3 rides close to race effort in 8 days. Ride hard, make it count. I'm hoping to really sharpen my game for these last 2 races.

Cycle 18

Wearing a dark green shirt and brown pants. I have not worn this shirt since I Blimped Out. Shaved yesterday.

Victim: New Providence, woman, married, not fat, 30-39, regular, white. Orange-ish bag, Blackberry, long blonde hair, attractive, probably as tall as me. Wearing a beige suit, lightly striped. Nothing gaudy like the previous pretty blonde girl who I sat with. Her fingernails are glossy, no color. No superfluous jewelry. She twirls her hair unconsciously. How is it that both attractive blonde girls have done this? Her music is absurdly loud. She hammers away at her Blackberry the whole time, much like me. I can only assume she is assessing me, something like, "Why does this guy keep glancing at me and then typing? Is he taking notes? God it's so gross. I wish he would ask me out. I better twirl my hair."

Assessment: Tough one. I'd go with Good but her music was too loud. If I were trying to read it would have been bothersome. But she was very space respectful and she didn't have absurd perfume and no cell phone. Music not that bothersome so I'll say Good.

Cycle 17

After work Wednesday, nothing of note to encourage or discourage someone to sit next to me. Still wearing a red shirt and black pants.

Victim: Male, white, 40-49, not fat, not regular, not married, Chatham. Could be 30-39 but I'm going with my first guess. Very tall, goofy looking. Wall Street Journal. Blackberry - who doesn't have one these days? Too big to be sitting next to me. His name could be Charles. He was often beat up in grade school until he got tall. He cannot dance. His favorite color is blue. He is wearing a suit with no tie. Reads the paper and violates my space. Ass.

Assessment: Bad. Was almost good but he's too big. Sit with someone smaller, man. Then the constant space violation with your lame newspaper sealed the deal. Really you had so much going for you but you flushed it all down the drain with a few dumb decisions.

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