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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cycle 9

This is a quick shot from Wednesday after work. I could jam it all into 1 post but I'll leave it separate.

Cycle 9

On the way home from work Wednesday evening, the normal 4:50 out of NYPS. I'm actually off to Morris Plains to meet Nat and then the in-laws for dinner. Calvin and family go back to Taiwan tonight. We're all glad. When I get off the train - now mind you they've had 6 hours to get ready for this - they're not ready and they don't know where they're going. Now, waking up at 4:45 this morning after going to sleep at 11:30, I'm dead tired. I'm ready to get this day over with. Nat says it's only 1 more day, and she's right. But you know, sometimes that's no consolation. And of course they pick a restaurant in exactly the opposite direction of where we live. I'll sure be glad, that's all I can say. At least the food was decent.

Victim: Nobody. Not even all the triples have 2 people today so this is a super light train. Strange.

Assessment: I enjoy nobody but it makes for boring copy. So for the duration of this experiment we need meat!

Comments: FatCat wrote today that, "I find myself fascinated by this train experiment but I'm equally mystified as to its point. I think I missed a blog along the way that explained its point. OTOH, maybe its whole point is its pointlessness. Either way, keep up the good work. And maybe another pic of the pole vaulter at some point or some other POA."

Awesome! There really is no point though it did start with the politics of seat choosing on the day the big fat guy sat in the middle of the 3 seater (link here). It kinda just went from there. Really there is no "outcome" because I'm not doing anything different on a daily basis to attract a certain kind of seat mate. In the end it's entertainment for me and you as well. I guess the next step will be interviewing the people who sit next to me but that's a little premature at this point.

Just for you...

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  • At 3:09 AM, Anonymous FatCat said…

    Such a fan of track and field these days...

    Thanks for the explanation too.


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