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Friday, May 23, 2008


I think I'm hitting a sweet spot with the biking now. To recap my last 6 days on the ride again. Last Saturday I did my 38 mile loop in less than 2 hours, shattering my previous record. The next day I rode the loop in reverse, in the rain, and still crushed the old record though I was 3:30 off Saturday's ride. Tuesday I did 24 one-minute intervals. Wednesday I did 8 4-minute intervals.

I worked from home yesterday and went out for a ride just before 3:00. I did my long swamp loop, 24.5 miles. My previous record was a 19.2 average on this particular loop. Yesterday I posted a 20.5. I don't know how to explain it really. I weigh 194 pounds. My volume is way down. The only thing I can think of is that after 2 solid years of riding 4-5 days a week I have just become a faster rider. Also, the quality of my workouts is way, way up. I don't waste a minute on the bike. Aside from rocking a new record yesterday that was my 5th solid workout in 6 days and 1 hour and 12 minutes of brutally solid riding.

Another thing to consider is that my body just performs better at 190-195 pounds. When it comes down to it, 5-10 pounds only shaves seconds off your time when climbing and on the flats extra weight isn't a major deal. But when I drop down to the 180-185 range I really have to cut carbs. It may be the reality that I'm shorting my muscles the proper fuel it needs to recover and perform properly when I get that "light". I've had some people say they actually perform worse at lighter weights. Something else to consider.

Cycle 4

Victim: Penn station, same orange shirt as this morning. Woman, married, average build, non-regular going to Morris Plains, my age, white, fairly attractive. Much much perfume. On the phone with her husband giving him directions on how to make chicken nuggets and hot dogs for their kid(s). While on phone was typing away on Blackberry. After the first call she got back on the phone for another then started reading InTouch magazine. Her name is Stacey, as per the message she left someone. Finally the iPod came out while she read the magazine.

Assessment: The phone talkers are never good. Add in the high perfume and the fact that I had to listen to hot dog directions and you're not starting off well. Her jacket and bag spilled over a few times onto me - more points off there but not bad. Kept her voice down so at least not obnoxious. In all I'd call her an average Victim.

Cycle 5

Friday morning. A full week of scruff today. Light blue shirt. Also should note that the lot was empty as many people are getting a jump on the weekend so the train is less crowded. Many empty seats still. I expect an empty seat until Summit at least.

Victim: None today. Not enough people on the train.

Assessment: I like the double-wide all to myself. It allows me to pass gas and not disturb people.

Experiment Summary

It would make some sense to give a summary on the week but I still need Friday's post-work data. So I will try and summarize Monday morning instead.

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