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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back to Tubeless

On Monday's ride at Lewis Morris I flatted 20 minutes into the ride which ushered in the 29er tubeless era for me. I wanted tubeless from the door but the tires weren't available and we were looking to get the bike on the trails sooner than later. So we went with tubes and they lasted all of 5 rides. Well, not even 5 rides as the 5th was hardly a full ride at all. So about 55 miles for $50 of tires.

I made my way down to the shop and inevitably spent 90 minutes there, which is probably an all-time low for a trip there. My wife thinks it's a good thing that the shop isn't in town because it would be way too easy for me to fall into a time warp. The way I see it I could bring Julia there and we could spend all sorts of time destroying things.

For all the bad things I've said about other bike shops, this shop is the complete opposite. I love this shop. Jay and Chris not only know their stuff, I enjoy just blowing time there. Not that any of you don't know what I'm talking about but I might as well mention that it's Halter's Cycles. If you don't go there, go there. All other shops suck in comparison.


Back to Indiana Jones and the Trainer of Doom this morning. It's warm enough now to ride outside in the morning but I don't have lights on and with only an hour to ride I'm going to keep pounding the intervals and stick with the plan. Maybe mid-June I can start piling up some serious saddle time and go out for 2 hours before work once I'm back in the mode of losing weight and building a bigger base for the second half of the season, as well as prepping for the Darkhorse 40 which is probably replacing the 24 hour race this year.

Jake says, "dude, this is great stuff. keep up the good work on the train experiment. by the way, whatever your FGI is, you're flying, so throw it out the window. maybe two (three?) years on the bike consistently is the magic number."

I'm thinking a few things here. On the road I have the new bike fit which makes me faster. Off road I have a new and much better bike which makes me faster. But I think the key is the constant riding. Since Julia was born I've basically ridden 4-5 times every week. That's 100+ weeks of continuous riding. This year I've really focused myself better to get the most out of my workouts and I think the 2 year baseline is really helping me maintain that. I do feel pretty solid on the bike these days. Just keep at it.

Cycle 8

Wednesday morning. I was thinking of just having 1 post a week with all the accumulated numbers from the week but decided that tacking it on the end of my daily crap is better.

Victim: White, woman, 19-29, not married, regular, Murray Hill, not fat, long blonde hair. Possibly the most attractive "victim" yet. But to be honest it's hard to tell when someone is sitting right next to you. It's kinda rude to turn and look right at someone as they sit an inch away. She's reading Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper. I thought I smelled cigarette smoke when she sat down but now I think it may be the guy in front of us. Oh! Oh! It's the smoker from yesterday in front of us. Goddamn smoking is gross. Anyway, granola bar and water, then to the book. Strokes her hair with her left hand while she reads.

Assessment: All in all a good co-rider. Even though we were delayed (what a surprise, NJ Transit delays) she was quiet, kept her space, and just read her book. No phone, no makeup, no space violations. Score another one for the Murray Hill women.

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  • At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Terren said…

    Norm, your train experiment reminds me of my commuting days, driving down to Eatontown. I came up with an experiment to monitor what percentage of left-lane drivers were women. It was kind of interesting, but let's be honest, it was just an excuse to ogle pretty women. BTW, I don't remember the results, which further undermines whatever quasi-legitimacy that experiment had.


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