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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Train Update

Oh fun! I can do the experiment on the ride home too! So going home I'm on the 4:50 Dover Express out of Penn Station. The pertinent details first.

Nobody sat here. Curious, because this will skew the results. In the morning it will never be nobody. I'll collect the data and see how it shakes out.

Cycle 3: Today I'm wearing an orange shirt. I think I'm also going to record the station. It will always be 1 of 4: Berkeley Heights, Murray Hill, New Providence, or Summit, though that will be skewed with Penn Station being the start point for half of these. I'm sitting more in the middle today so the victim could come from behind.

Victim: New Providence, woman, 40-45, married, medium build, non-regular, white, average looks, lots of perfume. Coffee in right hand which is the side I'm on which makes me a hair nervous. Now she's putting her coat up on top and perched her coffee on her purse on the seat. The people who magically believe their coffee won't spill irk me. Points off for that. She's eating a pear which I have to respect. So add points back for being healthy. Eventually an iPod comes out.

Assessment: Another generally good experience from the average looking, middle aged, white woman set. Totally space respectful and no phone jabbering. Points off for coffee handling and perfume but not too much.

Comments: Walter piped in with, "I like the idea of your daily experiment, gives something else to look forward to each day," to which my wife commented later that evening, "Walter needs to get a hobby." Then too-lazy-to-log-in Steve added, "i am so glad that i no longer contend with the public transportation psyche." Usually I could care less but this makes it interesting for me. Otherwise I leave all the head game assessment for the other people.

The Biking

Did the second day of Ross intervals today, the 8x4:2 variety for 32 minutes of work. I felt very strong considering this was my 4th hard workout in 5 days. This is how my week is generally supposed to go, with 4 solid workouts in. 4 or 5 day span. Build it up baby, build it up.

I think next week I'm going to drop the recovery to 1 minute and go with 8x4:1. This is basically my creeping up on the month of June, which I hope to do at least 3 races in. I'm also considering a May 31st race down in south Jersey the day before the Lewis Morris race. It makes little to no sense to race back-to-back days but then how awesome is that for my training? I can't think of a better way to stack tough workouts.


Big weekend coming up with Memorial Day. Not sure what shakes out but I hope it doesn't rain. I may give that ride out to PA a shot again. I also want to get a Lewis Morris preride in, maybe with Kirt. I'm sure we'll be doing some family stuff with Nat's brother too as it's his last weekend here. All in all they're lame vacationers. All they do it sit at Nat's parents or go shopping at Century 21 or go out for dinner. Last night I took the train to Morris Plains and we had dinner at Tiffany's, an entirely mediocre meal.


Terren asked, "I know you've briefly summarized it for me once or twice, but I guess I never really got it - what will you be doing for your new job?"

Release Management. This may be a bit tough for you to buy into but here goes. Basically the new group is responsible for (sometimes) building and implementing releases across the company. At this point with the various mergers this is like 5 companies that cover at least 3 countries, if not more. In the US we have major operations going on in at least 3 cities. In all, there are hundreds if not thousands of projects that get delivered every year. With the industry being what it is, there needs to be a rigorous release framework to facilitate the build and implementation of the various projects as well as source code control of this stuff.

My role in this is to help with the development of automation as well as bringing the NY side into this umbrella of management. Down the road there will be bigger development projects but the company is still in a sort of "finding it's way" mode with all of this. Much of the NY side isn't using this methodology so part of what I'll also be doing is selling the notion to this side.

Damn, my train is in NY. Ask more questions so I can get into more detail. This was a 2 minute answer.

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  • At 6:54 AM, Anonymous walter said…

    Nat's right, I need a hobby desperately. Good Stuff. The back to back races would be an awesome way to get in some killer riding in one weekend.


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