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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Blog Entry

Very inconsistent with these blog thingies these days, I know. Figure it's Thursday again so I might as well respond to some comments over the past few weeks and give a 2 cent recap. The Tymor race is this weekend but I'm on the fence. I'm still in my biking and weight funk though I think the eating/weight blues are being worked out very slowly. I'm not finding a lot of time to ride, which doesn't help at all. I started a new job at work so now I'm starting to get busy again but it's so early I don't have enough knowledge to go off on my own yet.

Jay, who built my bike, chimed in with "Pretty heavy stuff. I like the pic of you on the niner. I wish I had comeout to that race. Maybe next time. Peas My friend." Honestly had no idea you were reading. I'm dead sexy in that picture bro. Should have come out for the fun but I assume this Sunday you won't be there, since the race is like halfway to Montreal.

Chris also commented, "I will join Steve in sending my thoughts to you and yours. Your story of the race and the catharsis it produced was powerful reading." It was certainly a heavy moment. I think the family is pretty good now with the exception of my aunt, who had him at the house for a year. It's going to take her longer.

Finally, well not finally since his was the first comment but the last email in the pile, Steve started with, "norm, i'm not sure if i should say "i'm sorry for your loss". i guess i will say "i'm glad you said your peace". so it goes. my thoughts go out to you and your family." There was something in the "finality" of being able to say to him it was ok to go. I tend to doubt he heard me and if he did he wouldn't have listened. But we all deal in our own way and that was it for me. I think the toughest thing is seeing yet another person of my childhood pass on. I think this would be the 8th person IIRC.

Thanks for all the well wishes, both comments as well as private emails, I received after my last post. It was much appreciated.

But enough of that. Now we can return to how fat and slow I've become. My bike life right now is minimal at best. The race was a good workout and I banged out a few hard sessions the week after. But then last weekend I got 1 hour on Saturday, then went and did 4 hours of trail maintenance at Round Valley. Here are 2 pics of yours truly:

After that we went to a friend's house for dinner and drinks. Drinks ended up being 3 beers and a half a bottle of wine, which blew out my Sunday ride because I slept until 8 and woke up with a hangover then followed that up with a crazy busy Mother's Day. Sprinkle in 2 of the Ross SPAM sessions on Monday and Tuesday - literally that's what they're called - which are 8 intervals of 4 minutes with 2 minutes rest. Then top that off with beers after work with my new boss who is in town from Chicago this week.

So this might help explain why I'm still sitting fat and not riding enough. The rides are intense, but lacking in volume. That's why I started to fall apart after an hour at the Wawayanda race. Also, it seems that most of my time right now is spent on the trainer. Unseasonably cold weather and rain has me indoors more often than not, which is what it is but makes me less than enthused to get in the saddle. I'm not real keen on riding in the rain and 45 degrees at 5:00 am in the dark is pushing the limits of what I want to do to win a race.

So that's my lame ass race season right now. Aside from the race being 150 miles away the forecast is for rain. So the question at this point is the worth of the day. Is it worth it to spend the whole day for this race? Tough to say, especially with the brother-in-law in town. Probably the right thing to do is to spend it with the family. But, well, you know. At the end of the day Sunday I know I'll have fun up there even if it does hurt.



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