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Monday, July 07, 2008

Cycle 36-40

I'm going to post up all the partial blogs written from the last week. I need to be better about keeping this up to speed. I think I need to just start posting from the train.

Cycle 36

After work Monday.

Victim: Madison, white, woman, 50+, married, chubby chubs, regular. She hovers around the seat, considering if she really wants to take it or not. You can tell she's disgusted by the notion she has to sit next to me. She's Madison, you know? I mean Maaaaaadison, motherfucker.

She sits down and puts her forehead in her hand, like she has a headache. She has her body turned away slightly, as if my Skank will penetrate her fucking Versaci sweater. Do they make sweaters? Did I spell it right?

She pulls out an apple. Oh come on. Who are you fooling? She eradicates it in seconds, nibbling it down as close to the core as she can, hoping the center is like a Tootsie Roll Pop.

She pulls out some literature that I'm sure the Sunday Times declared fabulous and promptly drops her head forward and falls asleep. Eventually she leans over to my side too far and I have to give her the old nudge to get he back into her own space.

Assessment: Awesome. It's not every day you get to rip a co-habitant like this. Plus she didn't smell and kept to herself.


Tuesday morning. Got up at 4:30 today to get back on the bike. The past 2 weeks I've been working from home both Tuesday and Thursday but my boss is on vacation this week so I'm just going to make it Thursday this week. Got out for 1:15 and managed to whip myself into readiness by 6:45 and get out the door. No time to shave though.

The next 4 weekends are event free then I have the Darkhorse 40 on August 3rd. It's not part of the series but it's a good (semi) local race and it gives me something to keep an eye on. Plus it will force me to get more saddle time in an effort to better prepare for 40 miles off road. There's a race in between but I have not broached the subject with Nat yet.

Speaking of Nat, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday. By "celebrate" of course I mean we played with blocks, colored, and rolled over a lot with Julia. The focus of life changes when you have kids.

Ramping back up to 5 days a week for a while. Should get a solid 4 day block running from Thursday through Sunday this week before I'm off to Chicago all of next week. Not sure how I'm going to play my time there. I'm sure they have a gym but I could also rent a bike. Need to figure that one out yet.

Cycle 37

Victim: First dupe today. Same as Cycle X. Thankfully I know this guy is a good cohabitant. Nothing of note this morning. Incidentally this is the guy I was sitting with a few years ago when the train lost power and we got stuck in the mouth of the tunnel all of 200 yards from the station. I'll see if I can dig that post up when I get to work.

Assessment: Good.

Cycle 38



It's Wednesday, almost Friday. Tomorrow the market closes at 1:00 and get this, our group is allowed to work just 4 hours and call it a day. My last group would tell you, at about 3:00, that it was ok to leave early, as long as there were no issues and you assured them they had coverage. In other words, "I refuse to give you my blessing to leave early because if anything happens I'm blaming you for leaving early." Tomorrow I'm WFH so by noon I'll be done.

Cycle 39

Victim: New Providence, woman, 50+, white, married, regular, not fat. She's actually the buddy of the woman in Cycle XX? Long black dress, huge black bag. She's seen better days. Hair looks like something from the wrong side of the story in Wizard of Oz. Closes her eyes but doesn't sleep. Perfume a hair strong but not bad.

Assessment: Good.


Cycle 40

End of week but it's only Wednesday. Don't feel like typing so make it short.

Victim: Dover, white, woman, 50+, married, not fat, not regular. Actually had a conversation with her about her ORT ticket. Seemed a very nice lady. She was in for a day trip with her family and exudes an excitement about city travelling that you just don't see.

Assessment: Good.



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