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Monday, June 30, 2008


Monday and the first half of the H2H race season is in the books. I did 4 of the 5 races with the following results:

Wawayanda: 6th
Lewis Morris: 6th
Stewart: 15th
Kittatiny: 7th

Yesterday was the state qualifier so the field was bigger, maybe 35 if I had to guess. I had a solid race and was holding on to 3rd into the second lap until I started to cool off a bit. Felt very good for much of the ride. I still wouldn't call it a perfect race but I'm getting closer.

Cycle 35

Victim: Summit, male, 30-39, black, not fat, married regular. Smells like onions or garlic. It's kinda nasty this morning. I'm still feeling overheated from yesterday and this train car isn't nearly cold enough so the onion/garlic smell is a bit much today. Kinda making me feel ill. Otherwise totally quiet and sleeping.

Assessment: Bad due to the stink. Otherwise good.

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