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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bitchin Camaro or Jeff?

Today I'm going to go with in-line quotes to make this entry flow better, as if most of you care how I flow. Somebody give me a beat! First off Nat said my post yesterday was, "Boring," which isn't surprising because it was. Plus, it didn't have any mention of a headless Mickey Mouse which Jake referenced by saying, "dude. that's mickey's head." I'm glad we're all paying attention here. I post 30,000 words and 200 images about Taiwan and that's all I get from Jake in the last 2 months.

In an effort to keep things more saucy today I bring you this:

This is placed here for the sole reason to entertain my dear wife. Speaking of sauce we made some Kung Pao Chicken on Sunday which came out really well, surprisingly well in fact. There were a few things we would change about it but all in all it's the second best version of the dish we've had, taking a back seat only to the place in Edison. That includes the version we had in Taiwan. This is SOP for our post-Taiwan life, to try and keep the food ball rolling to some extent, just at a lower volume of food of course, 196 notwithstanding. Or, 196 withstanding, or better yet, 196 sitting, as it's clear I'm not doing jumping jacks with the bulk of my day.

Speaking of that, my teammate and fellow (soon to be) new bike owning brethren ChrisG says of my Funk Woes, "Hey buddy, the race season runs til October. And you'll hopefully be riding that cool-ass bike for a long time beyond the next few weeks. So have a good time, all the time. That's my philosophy."

I'm down, I am. I'm tuning out a little bit so I don't get too crazy about the delay. But it seems we're like 2 small steps away from this being done. Talked to Jay on Monday and we're looking at Wednesday night as a possible pickup. Did I mention I've got a cough? And a sneeze? I bet by COB Wednesday it'll be damn near unbearable for me to go to work Thursday. Wink, as they say, wink.

I do wonder why I go out and do intervals if my aim is to have fun all the time. In a strange way I like punishing myself. I also like Kung Pao Chicken so there ya go. If there were only a way to get faster while eating Kung Pao Chicken I might have myself a bitching hobby. But in the end you're right. It's a long season and it will all be good. The thing I'm rueful of right now is that this early season I was really progressing well and hoped to hit the first race with a bang. I can still hit my season goals but it will be more back-loaded than front loaded. I prefer to be aggressive with my deadlines.

Steve chimed in as well with, "buck up little camper. things are going to get better... hopefully, the new bike will re-kindle your spirits. i can't imagine how frustrating and disheartening the wait is, but i think this will all pass when you get some new metal and rubber between your legs. that was real gay..."

Maybe, maybe. I mean, maybe it was real gay. It could have been worse, to be sure. At least you didn't use the expression, "All up in your sphincter." So I thank you for that. But I suspect you're right, though I'm afraid of a sketchy bike fit the first time I get on it. Hopefully we can spend some time getting it right when I pick it up then this weekend is pure bliss. One can hope, but with all of this I remain cautiously optimistic for the time being.

Did I mention the new bike is tang? Like the color. In Mandarin, tang can be translated as sugar. So if I'm going to name it maybe I'll call it Sugar. Maybe. It also can translate to soup, bold/rude, pool, hall, chest, lie/recline, if/supposing, trip, or hot/scalding. Perhaps I should let you guys decide what to name it. Though knowing my audience you'll all choose something dumb, like Bitching Camaro. Really though, why would you name your bike? If I must, perhaps I should go with Jeff, like Terren and I named our bowling balls years ago, when we dubbed them Fred and Jeff. Mine was named after this dude Dan's cat, who used to frequent the Ale N Wich. Dan, not the cat. Not sure where Terren got Fred from, other than a hat.

I'm open to suggestions of course.



  • At 8:43 AM, Anonymous FatCat said…

    Pole vaulting is really an underrated sport. She looks likes she's good at it too and now I have a sudden interest in track and field. Ok, I should end here.

    But I can't.

    Name the bike: Fat Sam. That's a great name for a bike and Fletch is such a great flick, it seems like a natch.

  • At 1:53 PM, Anonymous terren said…

    Here are my suggestions: Hector, Bernard, or Dream Spinner.

  • At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Treeman said…

    That's a pretty fantastic picture!

  • At 9:03 AM, Blogger shaggz said…

    Bike name - Big Lizard

    Those pictures just kill me...


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