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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Woke up today at 3:50 to take a leak and minutes later found myself trying to calm Julia down while Nat went to get some Motrin. Apparently she had been up on and off since 1:00 complaining which usually translates as teething time, though it's been months now and those last 4 molars still aren't in. I was able to calm her down and try to go back to sleep. Try being the word.

I was never able to get back to sleep so I made some waffles, surfed, then hit the bike for an hour of semi-pain. Rode yesterday as well so that's it for me until Saturday, unless I get my new bike tonight and WFH tomorrow. Then I may head out to Lewis Morris just to get some time on the new wheels. But that's ahead of myself right now. Today I did high-end work and surprisingly I seem to be able to put out as much power as any previous session and I may actually need to up the ante because today's workout was actually a hair too easy. Still, the scale groaned again this morning so when it comes down to it I have a good 10 pounds of excess lard to pedal up those hills during next weekend's race. That should be a hoot.

Nat said of the girl yesterday, "She's hot." Indeed! I even drew Treeman out of the woodwork as he commented, "That's a pretty fantastic picture!". I knew he was out there but I guess the hottest teen female pole vaulter on the planet would trigger a mute to vocalize their sentiments on this particular subject. Incidentally her name is Allison Stokke and she's a minor celebrity in the sports blog world. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to stalk her as he or she sees fit. But let me first warn you that her dad is a lawyer. I hope Julia isn't that attractive when she gets to that age. I'd hate to have her image plastered all over the Internet like this girl. Chris Rock joked that his sole responsibility as a father is to keep his daughter off "the pole". I suggest that not appearing on Wikipedia and YouTube are also aims as a father. Oh and one of those chain emails where all the sorority girls are toasting the camera and your kid has her boob hanging out. And porn. And Lou's bed. This list could be endless.

I got naming suggestions from FatCat and Terren. I'm disappointed nobody else chimed in with a name though without question Fat Sam is going to be really tough to beat. You don't mean Communists, do you Sam?

Update: The bike is ready. I'm going to get it after work.

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