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Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 10 Pictures

We're almost there, everyone. After a few more days of this I can get back to my fascinating life of biking and, well, not much more. Even though there's not a lot of feedback, the hit numbers are way higher than when I'm not on vacation or posting pictures. So I guess you guys like it. I'll try to include more pictures in my daily life.

This is tough to really see, but this is a dry river bed. Off to the right you can see the trickle but in the rainy season this is apparently as wide as the picture.

Another of the random landslides you see all over, out of focus as usual.

Julia sitting at the tea table with us, when we visited the tea farm. She looks a little chubby here for sure.

Making tea the old-fashioned way. If you really want, come to the house and I'll make you tea this way. You have to ask nicely though.

Outside the tea room, another currently dry river/stream bed.

At the house of Nat's oldest aunt, her dad's side. This is their grandson, who Julia isn't impressed with, apparently.

Doing a little close up action with the little meatball. This kid said little but was afraid of nothing.

Julia warms up once she finds his stash of toys.

Off to dinner, Nat's youngest uncle, dad's side, his wife, and the 3rd uncle's wife.

Nat's dad and granmother, in a rare sighting outside the house.

Nat's 3rd uncle looks on. Again, I don't understand a damn word he says but he seems like a really nice guy.

Finally it's bath time. At a loss for bath toys we resort to empty tea bottles.

And that's day 10 in the photograph books, the quick version. I'm running out of things to say about the trip.

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