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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Day 11 Pictures

Another day of pictures for your viewing pleasure, sitting down to post just after Cabrera popped a home run to tie the Yankees home opener here on Tuesday night. My strange fascination with baseball continues on into day #3 of the baseball season. Anyway, only 3 days of pictures left, including this one.

Julia with Nat's cousin's son, in the upstairs apartment. She loved playing with him, which a lot of times meant playing with the fax machine.

Nat's mom and aunt seemingly share a moment.

Ah good old authentic Taiwanese food. Gotta love it.

Out for a quick trip while Julia naps, and we stop and get a snack because we hadn't snacked in 12 minutes or so.

Nat's cousin's kid, who was a bit of a monster. She didn't much care for Julia.

Concentration young Jedi...

Juuuust taking the baby for a walk....

Nat's aunt, dad's side, and her husband.

Juuuust using the baby's head to play the keyboards...

Nat's cousin's wife, not the mother of the child, and the child giving us the evil eye waiting for us to leave.

Nat's cousin to the left, dressed for the incoming freeze, inside the house. And more evil eye.

And more good old authentic Taiwanese food for our daughter.

Day 11, in the books, and it's starting to rain out. Bottom of the 7th, bases loaded, 1 out, score tied 2-2, and Matsui comes to the plate. He hits a hard shot up the middle, and the second baseman boots it, runner scores, and the Yankees go up 3-2 and need a mere 6 outs to win.

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