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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 9 Pictures

Let's fire it up for day 9, a pretty low-key total here which is why I'll pump this one out quickly.

This, my friends, is a real scooter parking lot. This is half-full at best. The left side of the lot here goes off further and at this point in the day is yet to be filled up.

In the office, the makings of a Chinese Fire Drill.

Right before we took off for Lotung Nat's dad put this on her. She refused to take it off.

Out of the tunnel we catch a glimpse of the sun.

A quick stop at Nat's aunt, I think her 5th aunt but maybe her 4th. Nat's cousin to the left, then clockwise is his assistant, his mother (Nat's aunt), Nat's mom, his wife, then Nat.

I plopped Julia in the stroller and took her for a walk while they talked. This is where Nat's mom went to school 50 years ago.

This is a rock in the school yard. This reads, "Whiteys go home." The script on the right says, "Nah we're just busting your chops."

Day 9 in pictures done.

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