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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Day the Music Died

When I got to work today I found the Blogger site blocked by "corporate". Not a good thing, as it means that this blog as we know it becomes a shell of its former self. And in some ways it probably marks yet another nail in the coffin of my working here. As it is this job is a bit on the brutal side in terms of the commute. And sitting on the train writing to an imaginary audience is one of the things I do to keep myself occupied. With this latest development it likely means my commute gets less interesting, more of a drone. These things happen. Life goes on.

It's possible I can still cobble together some blog posts but going home and posting them is less interesting to me than being able to do it from work. Is it only a matter of time before Big Brother blocks all the sites that keep me entertained here? Walk around the office and you see people reading books (seriously), or news sites, ESPN, checking their stocks. It's inaccurate to think that you can stop people from taking a break by being more Draconian.

Oh well. Perhaps this just means I read more, something I've been really grooving on these days anyway. I finished off Fierce Invalids this morning which was totally new to me. I don't remember having ever read that before. I also started Wyrd Sisters which is book 6 in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchet. It's a good series of silliness that serves as perfect "tweener" reading material, such as when you're standing on the subway platform or on the subway itself, or even after a long day at work. I always have 2 books, one which requires attention and one mindless read.

The Blogger block failed anyway. I was irritated so I took the Blackberry into the John with me and wrote this. So I would have merely done my business but now I'm sitting here on the can finishing this off. OK so I can't publish from work but I can write and publish later. So for now, that's my plan. Long live The Blogging Can!!!

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  • At 6:13 PM, Anonymous walter said…

    Imaginary audiance, I'm for real damn it.

    My friend once said, " did you ever take a news paper into the shitter, and then realize all you are doing is reading the paper with your pants down?


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