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Friday, November 30, 2007

Mashed Potatoes

I don't have much to say today but I have to post up that I wasn't even able to crack the 180s this week which means I have to say the 2 week binge cost me 5 pounds. That's a lot of extra calories on the surface. Going with 3500 calories a pound, by 5, gives you 17,500 extra calories. Divide that by 14 and you come up with 1,250 per day. That may seem like a lot but it adds up fast, especially when you mix an all-you-can-eat cruise with the Thanksgiving holiday. Beer and wine alone probably add up to 500 a day for those 2 weeks if not more. Not totally on the wagon just yet now but mostly at this point. Need to get back into the 180s over the next month and stay there if I want to have any chance at seeing 179 in 2008.

Not much going on right now, other than the fact it's Friday which is always nice unless you work weekends. Was on the bike for an hour this morning and then have the time trial tomorrow. Then I'll come home and pound out some leaves and burn up some of the excess wood around the yard. By "pound out" of course I mean that I'll be fucking leaf piles of course. I'm hoping to at least knock out the front yard tomorrow. It's small but it's also the furthest away from the back, where the leaves ultimately go.

I think my routine change will be a weekly train pass to Penn Station next week. It's a good change from the Hoboken line for a week. Ideally it's the better solution but it's much less reliable. But I'll gamble for a week. Right now I'm doing NYC in the AM and Hoboken on the way home. My life is so exciting it hurts.

This is pretty boring. I have nothing to say other than I didn't make 189 let alone 188. After that I'm just rambling. Rutgers lost last night. I went to bed just before the half with the score 28-10, Rutgers was up. I said to Nat, "I think they're going to lose this game." She says, "Really?!" I explained Louisville scored far too easily to get to 10 and it would come back to bite them in the ass. Sure enough, 30 seconds after I turned off the TV it was apparently 28-18 and the collapse was on. As usual, sticking your dick in the mashed potatoes is more productive than watching this team some days.

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  • At 11:43 AM, Anonymous said…

    I can't decide what is funnier - you humping piles of leaves on your front lawn and bowls of mashed potatoes (nice BB reference), or your comment about your life being so exciting that it hurts. If you decide to stick it to a bowl of mashed potatoes, don't make the gravy too hot.

  • At 9:11 PM, Blogger george said…

    LOL! Too funny as usual Norm.
    How about instead of playing in the International Bowl-
    Rutgers to play in the "Mashed Potato Bowl"
    Dick fucking optional of course!

    The thing is, that RU played great on offense. Rice had 3 td's and over 120 yards! The L'ville td just before the half was the key.

    RU seemed to slack off in those waning minutes. If they went in up 18 instead of 10 I think the game might have had a different outcome. But it's all conjecture I suppose...

    It is good to see RU playing well even if they haven't matched last seasons record, and I still think it was a great football game Thursday night, as was the GB Dallas game, which I watched on the internet. Choppy video and such but at least I was able to watch one of my favorite teams - DC play.

    I've been a Dallas fan since November 29, 1974. I was 9, and happen to be watching the Redskins Cowboys that fateful day, alone in my room on a 12" B&W Philco. I saw Clint Longley throw up a bomb pass with seconds to go, and the most famous number 88 - Drew Pearson haul it in and win the game 24-23,
    I was a Cowboy fan from then on. Not really sure why except that I remember how neat their silver and blue uniforms and helmets looked, plus I was in awe of Roger Staubach. I guess that's all it takes when you're 9.

    The following year 1975, I became a Baltimore Colts fan, simply because of number 7, Bert Jones and number 81 Roger Carr. No band wagon fan here mate! 32+ years later I'm still a fan of both teams, and I still refer to the Colts as the Baltimore Colts, I'm old school!

    In case you might not know...I'm a big football fan..."Really? I wouldn't have guessed!"

    Anyway, the last few posts have been entertaining to say the least Norm. Reading your accounts of fatherhood are hilarious and sentimental as well, it brings me back to those days long ago when my daughters were Julia's age.

    Well, keep up the training and the assortment of Normbrero musings!



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