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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Things are slow. Are things slow? No, things are never slow it's just that sometimes I have other things to occupy my brain on the train in the morning. For instance, these days I'm into reading again, which is nice as it makes the commute absolutely fly by. My mom got me a fantasy series for my birthday, the Belgariad series. I read the first of that and liked it. Yes I know I should be filling my brain with useful words but when you get to read 3+ hours a day you tend to occasionally pick up some fluff. And when the fluff is good you just keep eating it up. Like cheese.

As much as I wanted to just jump right into the second book I didn't want to break my rule of not reading the same author back-to-back. Actually the old rule is that I don't read the same author until I read 4 other books, but that's gone to the birds a bit lately. I've broken that with some of the Foundation books as well as the Hitchhiker Guide books. But this time I picked up something else, the Berlin Conspiracy which is a pretty good read so far. I started it yesterday and am up to page 220 or so. I should finish tomorrow. It's not breathtaking, but it's solid and it has my attention for some reason. It's fairly predictable, though a few things jump out here and there which keep you on your toes. It's not trash fiction as it does seem to be somewhat resonant with a real spy story though there are some outrageous James Bond-like moments where the main character gets more lucky seems fitting.

Anyway, my commute has been taken up by reading these days which is why I'm not blogging so much anymore, at least not right now. I'm also getting my way through Fierce Invalids which is a great read, but which is a hardcover book that's tougher to pull out of the bag when you're packed into a train seat or subway car. I also ride my bike occasionally. Or one of them. Old Trek on the trainer gets a lot of run these days. The road bike is like 60 miles short of 2000 for the year so I'd like to hit that soon. But then trainer is also about 60 short of 2000 so it's like a race. The trainer is going to win overall. But for some reason I'd like to see the road bike get to 2000 first. I also have the mountain bikes, all 3 of them, to ride. I'll get another 20 or so on the trainer Friday but then I have Sunday and Monday to try and catch up with the roadie. I'm off Monday and next Friday because I have spare vacation days. I hope to only be on the trainer this Friday and next Tuesday until the following week. That gives me 6 potential days to get road rides in. I think I would probably need 3 rides of 20-ish miles to get the 2000 over those days.

But you know, I'm off the last 10 days of the year so it's possible that I end up with more road miles after all. It could be a photo finish. Stay tuned!

Life. Is. Exciting.

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