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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Some days you have a hard time getting out of bed. Today was one of those days but my reason is different than normal. My alarm rang and my little girl was cuddled up with me. So I hit snooze and got back in bed, where she climbed up on me and laid on my arm. As much as I wanted to stay there I had to wiggle free and get up. I covered her up and got ready for work. A lot of people scoff at sleeping with your kid, especially when they're almost 20 months. But to me, this is one of life's best moments. I don't know what other people think and frankly I don't care. But if she stays in bed with us until she's 5 I won't complain about it. These moments, they don't last forever.

Had a scratchy throat overnight and woke up in the middle of the night with a brutal sore throat. Considerably better this morning but also congested. This is a bone fide old-fashion cold. Nothing earth-shattering but just a step behind today. Feeling a little loopy is all, a tad light in the head for sure. All of my germ-phobia actions can't keep me 100% cold free.


"did walt really eat 22 pizza bites? good lord."

I suppose it's true though only Walter can say for sure. Tis the season without a doubt, and I'm finding myself happy to go back to work these days lest I eat myself to cardiac submission at home. Not sure how I'm going to handle the 11 days off to end the year. I may force myself to adhere to a minimum of water, fruits, and veggies through those 11 days as well as a maximum of beer. I've yet to drop the last 3 pounds of my vacation weight so I could go into it behind the 8 ball. We already have 4 types of cookies in the house, thanks to Beth for the last 2 not to mention the sugar coated walnuts. I think Woody is planting these nefarious food items in an attempt to slow me down.

As I was afraid it might, my Buddhist Eating has gone to shit over the last month. It seemed so easy at first but now it's hard to maintain. I'm not sweating it too much but it was an effective method which I'll need to revisit after the new year, or before the new year if I know what's good for me, which I don't.

2 pizza bites short of 2 dozen require a lot of thorough chewing. I'm guessing they didn't last terribly long otherwise you'd never be able to get through that many. How many calories is each? 25? 50?


"2 thumbs up on 100 years of solitude. I hear the Fred's sister is looking for a car. Maybe you could do 2 or 3 blog entries about that."

I chose The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg because of a conversation I had with Matt FatCat. He's reading State of Fear by Crichton right now which sounds like the mainstream version of that book. I looked at the Chrichton book at Penn Station and it lists Lomborg's book in the bibliography. Off the bat it makes me wonder, have all these years of thinking that the liberals were a little more "right" about the state of the world been a big fucking lie? Have I fallen victim to their ability to manipulate media better than the conservatives? I've only read 10 pages or so and I have to finish Fierce Invalids before I pick it up in earnest but it's a bothersome bunch of claims that Lomborg asserts in his introduction. Further, the calm and "objective" manner he uses in the foreword suggests that his arguments will be hard to ignore and certainly unable to shrug off as a kook. I'm very excited to read that book, as well as State of Fear.

It's Wednesday and the weather bites it, though I think this must be good for the trails. All the leaves are down and now the wetness must be making them all a messy slop at this point, which is good for the trails I would think. But that may translate to my not getting any off-road time in this weekend, which will be a big plus for those of you rooting for the road bike to win the Odometer Challenge.

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