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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have some feedback to catch up with for sure.


"i will guess 188. after your body realizes that you're done hurting it, it will go back to functioning normally. if that fails, just grab a steak knife and lop a few lbs outta yer arse. that's my plan."

Good guess, I like it. Very aggressive. After 1 day it looks pretty good as this morning I was 191. Hit the trainer this morning so if we're lucky maybe 190 already tomorrow. Friday or Saturday's weight will be the number I compare against 185 to see how much I gained on my 2 week binge.

This morning was the 5th day on the bike in a row, first time I've hit 5 straight in a while. Nothing amazing just trying to burn calories and keep a tempo pace to help raise my threshold power and lay a good base for now. I may shoot for a 6th day tomorrow but I can feel the need for sleep creeping in.

This is a poster on the train:

70% of all inmates are functionally illiterate. He is getting out soon. Wouldn't you rather he could read?

The subtitle is this:

Illiteracy is a leading cause of crime.

I agree with the underlying message, that uneducated people is not a good thing. I also agree that inmates should be educated in an attempt to correct some of what society has fallen short in providing in the first place. But I have an issue with the way this message is sent. Through fear.

The idea that you should be afraid of uneducated criminals being released is disappointing. I understand PR wars are now fought through the media and by advertising gross mis-statements and by using scare tactics. But it doesn't make it right. I have a problem when someone presents an opinion then tries to browbeat others into agreeing with that opinion. I believe you should put forth an idea, present its strengths and weaknesses, and let people decide for themselves.

I doubt I would be good at politics for this reason. I would present an idea straight up, choosing not to couch it in hyperbole to suggest you're ignorant, deficient, or sexually delinquent if you don't agree. And if the majority of the people thought it was a bad idea, I would say OK, your choice. But we expect our leaders to ignore what we think because it's much more convenient to have a strong opinion then back away from it by saying that it's not your job to know about these things and that politicians should be ignoring you. It gives the Lazy Complainer an easy out by allowing you to vociferously state your claim then later to exhaust how badly other people are doing at making decisions.

I've gone off track. I agree that we should educate everyone, including prisoners. But I don't think you should be trying to attain that end by using fear tactics. As soon as the next Educated Prisoner gets out of jail and kills someone, your frail House of Cards falls apart and you need to start from the ground again. Then you'll need a new poster campaign.

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