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Thursday, November 29, 2007


This week has been pretty ordinary for the most part. After one day Jake's prediction of 188 looked decent but this morning I'm only 190 so I think 189 may be more on than 188 but you never really know. It probably also depends what I eat today. Sorry Jake I was trying to fulfill all that confidence you have in me. I'm still optimistic though. And fat. But at noon my lunch is already gone so a soup may be in order. Soup to poop.

Work is slowly beating down my enthusiasm leftover from vacation such that I'm falling back into the "routine" I was in before I left. I think that routine has a lot of escapism built into it which means spending more time on the message boards than is probably good for me. I get home now and feel the desire to check both boards where Monday I could care less. I also feel more tired right now but that may have something to do with the extra riding. I feel better today, yesterday was a more sleepy.

It now being Thursday I'm mentally set on the weekend now. Saturday I have the time trial at Lewis Morris then I get to go home and start raking leaves. That's my project for the weekend, the yard. Sunday my parents are going to come down and we'll go out to dim sum then go back to the house and take on the leaves. We're borrowing the neighbor's push-blower so that should help but the reality is that they're wet now so some will need to be slopped up and dumped out back.

Somewhere in all that I'll try to ride and not eat too much. No promises though.


"Holy shit that was good. Thanks for some needed laughs. -ChrisG"

That day seems so far removed from today even though it was only 2 weeks ago now. It feels like at least a month. Why is it that life seems to throw so much at you that your brain fills up and forgets so much, so fast? It's not a bad thing just a little crazy at times. Kinda like Seal sang. I mean the artist not the animal, though we're all animals. ARP ARP ARP!!!

Is life crazy or do we just interpret it that way?



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