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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pre Dawn Rides

When it gets colder, you're not supposed to start the majority of your rides before the sun comes up. But I find myself doing that recently. Today was 6:20. Saturday was 6:05. Same story last week, and tomorrow, and Thursday no doubt.

The temps are supposed to bump up for Thursday morning and it may be 50 when I ride. So I may extend this one to a solid 3+ hours just to enjoy what little warm mornings I have left. Before long it will be dipping well below 37 degrees like it was today. Not sure how well I can handle an hour at 25 in the dark. But if the goal is worth it the answer should be easy enough.

The one thing about riding on these cold days, when the sun comes up it feels so amazingly refreshing. It's just great to be out on the bike at that hour of the day. It's also great to have been out for 2 hours and think, "I'd just be getting to Penn Station right now."

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