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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not Much to Say

I don't really have a whole lot to say this week. This is ok I guess because sometimes you just need to take a week off. I'm taking this week off. Went out Monday after work and that knocked me out completely Tuesday and still lingered Wednesday. I think I'm at an all-time low in my ability to drink beer. My nickname becomes less appropriate every year.

Race this Sunday up at Jungle Habitat. I enjoyed this last year so look forward to it again. It's a tough course in terms of the tight trails. It's a biker's course not a racer's course. This means you have to focus and keep your head in the game or hit a tree.

But I'm refocusing my bike energies lately. This may be the evolution of a Norm 2.0 in the bike world. We'll see. I'll still race but I may be expanding and downsizing at the same time. Expanding venues to add CX and road races, but downsizing the amount of travel I'm going to do for the races. With that idea, this may be my last H2H series race. I would like to give CX a shot.

I also need to be more involved in the scene in terms of trail maintenance and group rides. This is all a work in progress. We do what we can.

NYPS, train ride is over.



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