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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Plan

So here's my current biking plan. I've toned things down for now. After going back and forth with Ben I finally got the message that I need a goal. And when I assess everything my goal is that I need to drop weight. Going as fast as I can doesn't address that goal. Going as long as I can does. So the plan is to go longer, not harder.

I mentioned I now WFH Tue/Thu. I ride the weekend plus Tue-Thu. That means I only have Wed where I need to get up super early (4:40 today) to get bike time in. The idea would be to limit my trainer time to Wednesday only. All other days I go outside. Today I didn't have it in me to hit the trainer for night riding in the 30s. Maybe next time, which will be in 2 weeks since I'm WFH next week.

This will last as long as it lasts. When it's 22 and dark out, we'll have to see. Right now I'm getting good miles in and chipping away at the scale. The aim is 175 right now. Actually the aim is 186, then after that I can reassess, but I'll be shooting for the 170s either way. Ideally this gets close towards the end of the year.

After that I can start to think about the 2009 race season. Right now I'm getting as many hours in the saddle as I can. When there's snow on the ground, I'll have to adjust. Right now there's not.



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