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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Nat picked up the movie Babel from the library for me, which I watched on the train today. Well some of it. Going in it was ok, but coming home I was getting pretty into it and was afraid I was going to miss my stop. That has to be some level of positive endorsement.

Some old guy was watching today. I guess people can't keep their eyes off a TV screen, even if they can't hear the words.

I also started the 5th book in the Evanovich series on Stephanie Plum the bounty hunter. Good stuff, very entertaining. I got the tip from a girl I sat next to on the train last year who was reading Tom Robbins.

I watched ESPN while I was on the trainer this morning. Watching pro sports is really useless. Today the lead story was exhibition NBA. Why not fork bending? It's about as pertinent.

I listened to My Morning Jacket and Sufjan Stephens today.

I've been forced to find new Chinese Podcasts as no longer allows free downloads and I'm not paying them.

Last week I gave up on Creation by Gore Vidal and Another Roadside Attraction by Robbins. The former just wasn't my cup of tea and the later doesn't stand the test of time. I also watched Python's Grail last week.

That concludes the media report for today.

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