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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Clinton is Bush?

A good comment here...

She has run her campaign the way he ran his war: on the fly, propelled by arrogance, incompetently, inconsistently and surrounded by yes men and women. You want to re-elect a president as inept and cocooned as the current one?

Seriously, the similarities are surely there. At this point, with the way she's running this campaign, I cannot vote for a Clinton in this election. She has become yet another vile representation of the back-door dealing, mud-slinging, arrogant politician. Even if it turns out that Obama is an empty suit at least he's honest, and by all indications he will listen to the people surrounding him. Hopefully the Obama Madness continues and he continues to pile on the once great Clinton Machine and by March 11th (or so) Hillary bows out with some modicum of grace and dignity.



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