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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Whether or not we want to, many of us live our lives by numbers. Numbers dominate our surroundings. Try to get away from it and you'll see just how pervasive they are. Consider just this morning. Alarm at 5:45, weigh 183, brew coffee for 4 minutes, start car at 6:35, leave at 6:45, train at 6:55. Money and time make up a big part of the numbers game. And in my case, weight is also a daily occurrence.

Some numbers for today:

183 - my weight for 3 days running now. My lowest weight ever* is 182 which I hit last spring. I'm hoping to see that number again this week and would love to see 181 before I go to Taiwan on March 8th and gain 40 pounds.

3.5 - this is how many hours it took me to get home last night. Our train blew an air hose which caused the brakes to lock in the tunnel outside of Penn Station. So we sat there for 45 minutes then had to be towed back to Penn Station which was a zoo because our train had killed all outbound trains.

3-6 - the number of months until I'm likely in a new role at work. Details on this still TBD so who knows what's really going to happen but it looks like something has been worked out. I'm excited about the new opportunity as well as being able to write some meaningful lines of code again.

10 - the number of primaries Obama has won consecutively, if you include last night's Wisconsin and Hawaii contests. I'm somewhat tuning out to this because I'm afraid the Clinton Machine is going to do something shady to steal the nomination. So as a natural protection I disengage myself entirely. I don't see how she can win at this point. The media wants to point to Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania but the reality is that these are proportional primaries (as opposed to winner-take-all) so even if she wins them all she will have a slight delegate lead between the 3. Neither math nor momentum are on her side right now.

2 - Sore legs I have right now. This block of 4 days adds up and right now, I feel the math of it in my legs when I walk up the subway steps.

1 - singular sensation.

* by "ever" I mean since grade school. I hit freshman football at 200 pounds so everything is relative to that.



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