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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sleep Is For Suckers


"That all looks like a good use of trainer time. As the cadence/resistance/duration varies, do you find that your "limiter" moves between your legs blowing up vs. losing control of your breathing? Right now, the majority of my painful trainer work has my legs engulfed in pain before the labored gasping kicks in. A shitload of fun, I tell you."

I find starting with the higher cadence stuff it's my cardio that goes first. As the gearing gets harder and cadence drops, my heart rate and breathing seem to stabilize and my legs feel the slow creep of pain come in. Aside from making the workout more varied while still targeting the high end area, I think working different resistances is better for the sake of variation of training. It can't hurt to be able to go top shelf at different pedal speeds, or at least be used to it.

No reply from the 2 Taiwanese shops I emailed. I'm going to ask my brother-in-law to look into renting a bike for me if I don't hear from them soon. I'm now thinking that anything with 2 wheels will suffice just so long the basket in front doesn't have a dog in it. I'm also thinking a Walmart-style bike would do the job in a pinch, and I'm sure something like that can be had for $100. Maurice suggested I bring a bike with me but it doesn't really work from a luggage and transportation aspect on either end. If I can find a real beater bike to buy for $200 I'll take it and go from there. When I'm done I'll give it away or take it apart and send it home. One of the shops has hartdail mountain bikes for $25 a day so if I go the Walmart route and drop $100 and ride it 5 times it's already a bargain. Given than 85% of the bike industry is already in Taiwan you would imagine this should be easy.

Got Performance on the phone yesterday and they were all sugar and spice. Couldn't have been a better experience as far as I'm concerned. Not only will they replace it no questions asked, they're going to credit my card with whatever it costs to ship it back to them. I'm considering an upgrade but unfortunately they don't have one with a power meter. My plan is to stick this one out until we leave then send it off the day we fly out. If all goes well it will be back when I return from Taiwan. I will more than likely upgrade in some way, but at the same time I like the variable resistance as it gives me a lot of options. Maybe I should just go with the CycleOps because it gets good reviews.

The evidence is mounting that I'm digging myself a much deeper hole right now than I think. I am tired as I can recall and I'm eating like there's no tomorrow. I suppose I was in the saddle for a stretch 8 days out of 10 up until yesterday, which adds up. Take 2 off, go 4 more, then 2 off, then 4 and we're out the door to the airport and what happens after that is anyone's guess. Hopefully I can blog here and there but I'm not sure if I'll be able to post pics.

Oh hey look at this.


"now that sarah is turning 2, my wife has been getting those nurturing feelings. not that she wants to be pregnant and go through the baby stuff all over again,it seems like a biological need to nurture something. so in a moment of weakness while my father-in-law was in the hospital, i responded "yes" to, "dan and kim just got another puppy and it may not work out with the dog they have now. can we take the (older) dog if it doesn't work out?" i played the odds that someone would not give away their family pet of three years for a new puppy, and it would all work out. so 2 weeks ago, i "lost". meghan came home with a 7 pound turd with legs named "cupcake". however, it seems to have satisfied her need to nurture..."

A 3 year old dog that weighs 7 pounds and is named Cupcake? I'm guessing, and I could be wrong, that you've come up with another nickname for this dog by now? Just a wild guess.

The reality is that I'm good with 1 child and I think right now Nat is too. Take this trip for example. If we add another child it just becomes financially burdensome to fly 4 people to Taiwan. In less than 2 months Julia is going to cost 75% and a child under 2 will cost roughly 25%. Add that up and your cost just to get there is like $4500. Now add in the fact that flying 20 hours with 2 children is just plain nuts and we'll never get back. Obviously there are other variables but right now the verdict is one and done.

That reply was a long time in coming. I wonder if you even read this thing anymore.

As an update, apparently there is an exercise bike that my brother-in-law bought a few years ago. This is down in Lotung where we'll be staying a fair amount of time. This is far from the ideal situation but at the very least I can get some time in on something that resembles a bike. Knowing my brother-in-law he wouldn't have bought a cheap one so hopefully this allows me a good fallback plan. It's also something to consider that it rains in Taiwan like every day in the late winter. I don't mean every other day, I mean every day. I looked at the forecast a week ago and it was rain in the forecast for 10 straight days.

Julia had another rough bit of it last night. Another cold which hasn't been too bad but around 11 she woke up and totally lost it. By the end of it she was hyperventilating she was so upset. We were expecting her to vomit the mucus out but it never happened, she just snowballed into oblivion and really was in a mess of a state. Hopefully this passes really soon. But then after that explosion she seemed to sleep well. But for me, my personal hole is still there as I laid down at 10, slept for 15 minutesn then was up again until 11:30. Sleep is for suckers.

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  • At 9:36 AM, Blogger shaggz said…

    still reading, bitch. my run-on sentences are as bad as glenn's from BS-US. no other nickname - cupcake stuck... BTW - the cyclops is a great trainer.


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