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Friday, November 21, 2008

Please Steal My Car

My Facebook status today is: Not entirely thrilled. Some of you know that's a slight inside joke but it more or less describes my mood today. Nothing is tragic, yet I'm not entirely thrilled.

My car may have shit the bed, though it more or less threatens to do this every 6-12 months. Oil is dumping out at an alarming rate. It may be as simple as the oil filter coming loose. Or it may be shot. Or somewhere in between.

Either way I had to walk to the train station on the coldest day of the year. Not bad, but when I got into the Millington cafe my forehead felt like it was going numb.

Somehoe the scale also jumped from 182 to 185. I know variations are normal but I haven't had a +3 in a long time. Didn't think the ride yesterday was that taxing but I guess it was. I'm really biding my time to see 181 and I'm confident I will, but for 2 weeks the bottom hasn't fallen out to that yet, indicating that I may be pressing just how low I can go right now. This is familiar territory in a way. Last time I was down here the weight loss just stopped. I think my methods are better this time but only time will tell. Currently drawing even with last week's weight number which throws up a yellow flag.

It's Friday. I turn 37 tomorrow. I hope to get a nice long birthday ride in but they "feels like" is supposed to be 11. That's awfully cold for a 3 hour ride.

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  • At 6:15 AM, Anonymous FatCat said…

    There are better ways to freeze your ass off on your birthday. For example you could join us for a little football and tailgating. Just a thought.


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